My Work

Some day soon you’ll get to deep dive into each experience I’ve had and all the remarkable takeaways I’ve taken away from them. But I’m a tired person working a new-ish job, so let’s hit the highlight reel…

(In chronological order)

The Onion

  • Managed the writer’s room for nearly five years. This meant structuring workflow and overseeing process on everything from breaking news to an entire satirical encyclopedia.

  • I also learned how to write jokes, pushed The Onion to places it had never taken its satire before, and drank entirely too much whiskey. I’m not sure I’ll ever be around this much concentrated talent and laughter ever again.

Adult Swim

  • Co-created a digital property called Thing X. I was the managing editor for its launch before I moved to California.

  • My two creative contributions were an instructional drawing series where no matter how hard the teacher tried, she could only draw ducks, and a show about a Dog CEO.

Cultivated Wit


  • I was recruited to join the core team that initially developed the personality for Google’s AI (The Google Assistant). This meant everything from curating jokes to writing Easter Eggs to crafting answers to questions like “How are you?” “What’s your favorite color?” and “Do you poop?”

TV Development

  • Spent most of 2017 developing an amazing news/comedy show with Baratunde Thurston. It was hilarious, insightful, and focused on solutions more than problems. We found a sweet spot where satire could reveal truths, and people could be left feeling empowered to fix something instead of just stressing about it. For all these reasons, of course the show couldn’t survive.

  • As co-creator and executive producer, my primary role was installing the writing and pre-production process. We built a refreshingly original way of creating television with a strong team that respected one another. I’m most proud of the WAY we made our pilots.


  • I am currently a principal communication designer at this remarkable creative company. I’m continually challenged and inspired by the people, the process, and the ways we’re able to generate impact through stories.

  • It’s thrilling to finally be immersed in design thinking, a method and mindset I had previously tried to bring into a number of “non-design” environments I worked in before. I still can’t believe how much I am learning every week.

Other Recent Stray Projects

  • In 2018, I gave a TEDx Talk about brainstorming. It’s an attempt to synthesize the near-infinite amount of lessons I learned about generating ideas while working for The Onion.

  • In June 2019, a play I co-wrote with Matthew Latkiewicz will go to stage for five shows in the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It’s called Life Plan, and it’s an immersive satirical sci-fi in the form of a sales presentation from the year 2068. It’s amazing.